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Life can be very demanding and sometimes one feels that something is just not quite right. Coaching could help you to figure out what that ‘something’ is.

Coaching offers a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment in which to talk and most importantly, be listened to. As your coach I will start by building a collaborative relationship between us and this creates a powerful alliance which, if you choose to, can ultimately result in the discovery and achievement of your desired goals. Within this special relationship you can begin to discover who you really are and through the subsequent increase in your self-awareness, this can open up endless possibilities. It is an exciting journey.

Coaching can help you to identify what is important to you in your life and whether your current situation matches those priorities. It facilitates the discovery of one’s true self and encourages the setting of goals in order to help you attain what you want to achieve. Raising your self-awareness creates great insight and a better understanding of yourself, others and the world around you. This discovery is very empowering, can unveil great clarity and gives one choice and the opportunity for change.

I believe that everyone has the resources and potential to find their own solutions, one just needs the space, time and encouragement to find them. I will support you wholeheartedly throughout this journey of discovery, allowing you to be the one making the choices and uncovering what it is that you desire.

A typical coaching session usually lasts between 1 to 2 hours, depending on what suits you, and during the session I will invite you to tell your story. I will enjoy listening intently and with interest to what you say and I will give you time to truly understand and access your thoughts and feelings. During the session I will ask questions to enable you to explore both every aspect of your current situation and yourself, in order to aid you in understanding how you want to move forward. As you begin to discover greater self-awareness, you can then decide what goals you want to set and start to plan how you might implement them. I will be there with undivided attention to facilitate you in your endeavour.

As your coach, I am there to support and encourage you along your journey of discovery. This journey will be exciting, revealing, fun and most importantly, fulfilling. Within an honest and caring environment, together we can discover your full potential.

My practice is in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. I can also help you to achieve your goals on Skype/Zoom and/or telephone.

Coaching is charged by the hour. One hour costs GBP 80.

Please email or call me if you would like to discuss your needs and explore whether coaching is for you.

2015 - 2016 - Certified as a Coach by the Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge, UK

June 2018 - I was a Coach for The Queen's Young Leaders Award Winners Residential Programme, Madingley Hall, University of Cambridge UK
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2018 - Certified as a Resilience Practitioner by the College of Wellbeing (Dr. Chris Johnstone), Scotland, UK

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